For home remodeling, Danny Sessoms is The Man. He has absolute integrity and takes great pride in his work. He invariably went way beyond my expectations, based on our contract, of what was to be done. This fall he and his Hill Country Home Improvement crew repaired and re-covered with Hardy-board a big rain-rotted wall in my house, replaced two decks and added patio covers, built a new third-floor deck, added two entirely new rooms, a foyer and a living room extension, and replaced a dozen windows and doors. Along the way, he and his crew carried out a number of smaller jobs not part of the original contract: hardwood floor repair, limestone cladding for interior pillars and jacks, painting, other rotted-wall repairs, and more. He and his crew are easygoing, courteous, and very hardworking. Toward the end, when it appeared that small jobs I’d added on might cause them to miss their Christmas deadline, they worked six and seven days a week for over a month, and finished everything to perfection on time.

I’ve dealt with builders and remodelers before (one I thought was my friend: he took me for a ride). Danny stands out because he combines problem-solving skills with a creative eye for design. He was always prepared to explain in detail just how he was going to overcome this or that potential construction obstacle. Whenever there was a significant decision to be made, he boiled it down to two main options I could understand, and then let me decide. Just as important, he recognized the clean, open, fairly minimalist look I wanted downstairs, and as work progressed he made several suggestions that dramatically improved my original plan.

To wit: I wanted the two dinky sheetrock pillars next to the spiral stair to be covered with rock. Danny suggested we use a limestone that would match the fireplace. Then, he suggested that the jacks – the posts at each wall where the existing foyer or living room was about to be expanded – should be sized to match the spiral-stair pillars, and also clad in limestone. The result is that the added-on rooms are completely blended into the original downstairs. There is a beautiful visual rhythm as, entering my house, your eye travels from two stone posts either side of the foyer, to another two either side of the spiral stair in the middle of the downstairs, to two more in back where the old living room opens out into an additional area. Another example: From the beginning, I had a tiny third-floor study with great views. When I first explained my plan to replace the rickety second-floor deck and add a patio roof, Danny immediately suggested building a small deck on top of it, accessible through that third-floor room by replacing a window with a door. It would cost little to do, since the deck would rest on the second-floor patio cover, and it would offer airplane views much better than peering through the third-floor windows. He was so right. Watching fireworks from that little top deck last New Year’s Eve was a memorable experience, beyond my wildest dreams.

In fact, Danny Sessoms has built the house of my dreams. The sturdiness of the work, the amount of wood used, the care and attention to detail, the tedious calking and sealing, the elegance of the design: all persuade me that this dream will last. As it is, every day I come home from work, I feel I am on vacation. If you are seriously inquiring about home improvement, contact Danny and I will be more than happy to walk you through my house and show you what he did for me. It’s the least I can do to pay him back.

Andrew Cooper
Associate Professor
Department of English
University of Texas-Austin


My home was severely damaged on March 25, 2009, by hail measuring in excess of 3 inches in diameter, during a very bad thunderstorm. It completely damaged my roof, tore the screens on the home and pitted and damaged the paint on two sides of the home.

After having very bad experiences with four other contractors, I finally found Mr. Sessoms. He immediately came out and provided me a detailed bid for the work. After I signed a contract with Mr. Sessoms, he took over completely, getting the materials delivered in a timely manner, getting his crew started on the job. His crew worked in 100+ degree temperatures nonstop and finished in two days. They not only did extremely quality work but Danny acted as the liason with my insurance adjuster, who had grossly underestimated the cost of the repairs and got the insurance company to pay in full all of the repairs I needed done. He also provided a warranty on his work should I have need of repairs within the allotted time period.

Danny is an very reputable contractor who does what he says he will, is reasonable in price and does quality work which is very rare these days. Therefore in conclusion I would just like to say that I would, at any time, highly recommend Danny for work on any project. I am sincerely grateful to him since he took what was a nightmare situation for me and made it alright by taking the burden off me and putting it upon himself. He has my eternal gratitude.

Joyce Camp
Lago Vista, Texas


Danny Sessoms and Hill Country Home Improvements, installed four energy efficient windows in my Round Rock home in 2009.  He did such a good job, I hired him to put on a large 12 ft. by 48ft. insulated Patio Cover for my back yard deck.  The job was so well done, that after the 2009 hail storm, I also had Danny replace my roof.  Danny and his crew told me exactly what would be done and accomplished all jobs in a timely manner.  I highly recommend Danny and his company.

Guy Milburn
Over 25 years in Round Rock, Texas